OX-BO Ranch
Evergreen, Texas 77328
(936) 767-4868

OX-BO South
Porter, Texas 77365
(281) 704-8833
Lucky Four Apaches Double Take     31.25"

                        Grand Sire:  Hobby Horses Sandman  30.00"
        Sire:  Meadow Larks Tarbaby  29.25"
                        Grand Dam:  Meadow Larks Chigger  31.00"

                        Grand Sire:  Richters Apache  30.00"
        Dam:  Lucky Four Apaches Dynamic  33.5"
                        Grand Dam:  Hamptons Honey Lamb  33.00"
Silverleaf Eternal Thunder  33.75"

                        Grand Sire:  Thistledown Bugle  28.00"
        Sire:  Sweetwater Thunderbolt  33.50"
                        Grand Dam:  Bond Hot Lace  30.00"

                        Grand Sire:  Bond Hizzoner  32.00"
        Dam:  Crecents Butterfly  33.50"
                        Grand Dam:  AWH Jingle Bell  33.00"
Mountain Meadows Tyme To Be Unique  31.00"

                        Grand Sire:
                        Grand Dam:

                        Grand Sire:
                        Grand Dam:
AF Royal Gem 29.50"

                        Grand Sire:  Komokos Royal Husseler  28.00"
        Sire:  NFC Too Little To Hussle  31.00"
                        Grand Dam:  Soats Lil Maggie  33.00"

                        Grand Sire:  Gold Melody Boy 33.00"
        Dam:  Johnstons Golden Gem  32.50"
                        Grand Dam:  Johnstons Mimi 34.00"
MCC Pixels Warrior  31.00"

                        Grand Sire:  Lucky Four Apaches Double Take 
        Sire:  Wizards Spell Lotsa Pixels
                        Grand Dam:  Tribbles Spanky

                        Grand Sire:  Silverado Buster Billy
        Dam:  MSR Jubilee
                        Grand Dam:  MSR Precious Moment
Silverleaf Half a Buck  28.00"

                        Grand Sire:
        Sire:  Mission Creek Bucks Reflection
                        Grand Dam:

"Half a Buck"
                        Grand Sire:
        Dam:  Silverleaf Muchos Easter Sensation
                        Grand Dam: